• Green Start Red Finish
  • Patience Change
  • Sun Cycle
  • The Beach
  • Three In Motion
  • Wanna Go Walking

This series of paintings came about as I began eperimenting with breaking out of the 2 dimensional plane. I wanted to create works that not only implied three dimensionality but in fact had portions that where three dimensional. For the most part they are larger works as it seemed to me at the time that they needed to be in order to work.

  • A Political Piece
  • Time 02
  • Curtain
  • Pastel Clock
  • Time 01

Not sure why I became interested in clocks or time but this series of time pieces emerged over a period of about 6 months and then ended as of yet I have not returned to the Time Series however there is still time....... Interestingly enough 2/3 of the pieces have ended up in the same collection.

  • Color Field 01
  • DSC 2843-Edit
  • DSC 2850-Edit
  • DSC 2855-Edit
  • Fall
  • Past & Present

The Color Field's probably represent my first concentrated series of works. They came about while living with my father for the summers, he had a box of oil paints that he gave to me and off to play I went. At the time I was looking at the works of Jean Paul Riopelle, not hard to see the influence.